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A scanned recreation of the historical Hallwyl House in central Stockholm that once belonged to the Count and Countess von Hallwyl.

We create accessible, online 3D events for you in the metaverse

Face-to-face video, giving presentations, sharing documents, live-streaming music and video are all possible right here

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Curate your own digital gallery


Host an online social from this iconic location

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Echobubbles hosts 100% online events with the aim of reducing carbon-emitting physical events. We can reduce the carbon output of your event by 1/1000 of what it would output if conducted in a physical setting.

Want to create an event in the metaverse? We can design, organise and host it for you.


Or, if you know what you want to do, we can leave you 100% to your own devices.

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Bring your teams, friends and communities together, wherever they are and whatever tech they have

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Think of where you'd like to take your people and we'll teleport you all there into the metaverse - your own private location in the cloud.


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An online immersive events production and hosting agency.


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